n00b Plays Minecraft: Part 1: First Games


a newbie player at Minecraft decides to join the awesome server of Hardcore's Gaming Network and trys to play on it, he slowly gets better until he becomes a legend. Join n00b in his adventure to become a

Sg map 1

The map n00b is playing on

The Map ===============================================>

Joins 'hardcores gaming network (aka) A "Hunger Games" Minecraft Server

n00b Has Joined The Game 17/24

Awesome5691 Has Joined The Game 18/24

n00b: Hiz guys, how do you play?

Rifle23master: No Comment

Awesome5691: Have You seen  "The Hunger Games?"

n00b: Um, whats that?

Blahdood99 Has joined The Game 19/24

Awesome5691: Noob

n00b: what?

pieFace73: Hey Blahdood99 team?

n00b: i wanna team too!

Game Starts In 5 minutes

jimmywrong76: Hey n00b get a life

Blahdood99: Hey pieface sure ill NEVER team, lol, but i just wanna go solo.

n00b: hey halofan54 team?

YURMoM Has Joined The Game 20/24

halofan54 no, you little noob!

n00b: You Are mean :(

Blaze56: *sigh* i hate noobs...

lolcats599 Has Joined The Game 21/24

n00b: fine then, ill win this uhhhh, thing then!

Rifle23Master: surrrre

halofan54: yeah right.

n00b: youll see!

Atomicacidderp Has Joined The Game 22/24

skyrealmchampion Has Joined The Game 23/24

Game Starts in 3 Minutes

skyrealmchampion: wazzup guys!

Supermariowifi Has Joined The Game 24/24

n00b: plz tell me how to play, please!

Supermariowifi: Fine, ill tell you how to play.

n00b: Thanks!

PieFace73:really dude, telling a NOOB what to do?

Supermariowifi: Yes.

Supermariowifi: so there is this movie called Hunger Games. People fight to the death because the capitol is evil.

n00b: uh huh

Supermariowifi: and in this you must go to the center, grab stuff from the chests and run.

skyrealmchampion: hey super team?

Supermariowifi: nah im goin solo.

bomber12KO99 Has Left The Game 23/24

skyrealmchampion: ok.

Supermariowifi: so n00b there will be chests all around that you must get to obtain more items. thats how u play

n00b: thanks!

pieFace73: hey rifle team?

Rifle23Master: yes lets take down noob >:D

pieface73: skyrealm wanna be in our team?

skyrealmchampion: ok!

pieface73: were gunna take down noob

n00b: :(

Supermariowifi: hey noob, ill team with you, ill help you get started, k?

n00b: ok! thanks!!!!

Rifle23Master: *sigh* noobs

Bluebomber9999 Has Joined The Game 24/24

bluebomber9999: hiz!

atomicacidderp: hey, team?

bluebomber9999: sure, maybe we can win!

Game Starts In 1 Minute

YURMoM Has Left The Game 23/24

lolcats599: um 23 ppl, one more plz :D

n00b: what does that mean?

lolcats599: ...

n00b: ????

Supermariowifi: get read, it starts soon...

n00b: ok

Game Starts In 30 Seconds

halofan54: 30 seconds guys

Captiansparkles has joined the game 24/24


Rifle23Master: 0_0 no way!

Supermariowifi: im a big fan

bluebomber9999 guys u know he doesnt talk back right?

Game Starts in 10 Seconds

n00b: whos captiansparkles??

pieface73: ill pretend u didnt say that...

Game Starts in 5 Seconds

atomicacidderp: hey guys game starts in 5 :D

Game Starts in 4 Seconds

Game Starts in 3 Seconds

Game Starts in 2 Seconds

Supermariowifi: follow me n00b, get ready!

Game Starts in 1 Seconds

n00b: ok

Supermariowifi: GO!!!!

The Game Has Started!

You Have a 20 Second Grace Period, Good Luck!

Bluebomber9999: RUN!

Grace Period Has Ended, Good Luck!

lolcats599 Was Slain By Rifle23Master With A Iron Sword!

Rifle23Master: First Blood, lets go guys, noobs a waiting >:D

Jimmywrong76 Was Slain By CaptianSparkles With A Gold Sword!

Supermariowifi: N00b over there, a guy, run!

skyrealmchampion: guys a chest

pieface73: cool

HeroineHerobrine Was Slain By Supermariowifi With A Diamond Sword!

n00b: Hey, i found a chest too!
2386 hunger games chests

n00b: oh, its empty....

Rifle23Master: >:D

n00b: um, wut?

pieface73: adios n00b >:D

n00b: ? ? ?

Supermariowifi: WATCH OUT!!!!

pieface73: NO!

n00b: thx!! ill help!

pieface73 Was Slain By Supermariowifi With A Diamond Sword!

Supermariowifi Was Slain By Rifle23Master With A Diamond Sword!

Skyrealmchampion Was Slain By n00b With A Iron Sword!

Rifle23Master: you little, ak you ahhhhh, i will kill you eventually noob!!!




18/24 left


Team 1: AtomicAcidDerp and BlueBomber9999

Team 2: Skyrealmchampion, pieface73 and Rifle23Master

Team 3: Supermariowifi and n00b


1: Rifle23Master (V.I.P.)

2:  HeroineHerobrine

3: jimmywrong76

4: byebyedude5

5: ninjaofskill23

6: hckeyfan1998

7: math_for_fun

8: halofan54

9: stormfur

10: troll_me_troll

11: PeetaFan6583

12: Herobrine469

13: john_

14: wizards_lol

15: pieface73

16: n00b

17: Awesome5691

18: Blahdood99

19: lolcats599

20: AtomicAcidDerp

21: Skyrealmchampion

22: Supermariowifi

23: BlueBomber9999

24: CaptianSparkles