n00b Plays Minecraft: Part 2: Getting The Hang Of PVP


a newbie player at Minecraft decides to join the awesome server of Hardcore's Gaming Network and trys to play on it, he slowly gets better until he becomes a legend. Join n00b in his adventure to become a PVP master!

After the battle with Rifle and his gang...

  • Re-Cap*

pieface73: adios n00b >:D

n00b: ? ? ?

Supermariowifi: WATCH OUT!!!!

pieface73: NO!

n00b: thx!! ill help!

pieface73 Was Slain By Supermariowifi With A Diamond Sword!

Supermariowifi Was Slain By Rifle23Master With A Diamond Sword!

Skyrealmchampion Was Slain By n00b With A Iron Sword!

Rifle23Master: you little, ak you ahhhhh, i will kill you eventually noob!!!

  • End Re-Cap*

n00b: When do they respawn?

Rifle23Master: Never, you little noob, they are out until the game ends idiot!! god, noobs...

n00b: Oh.

wizards_lol: YES a diamond sword!!! got full iron and a diamond sword!!

Rifle23Master: I have full diamond with an enchanted diamond sword...